Harsh Midwest Winter: Deck Restore Stained Deck Looking Strong

Winter here in the Midwest can be unforgiving. Our deck using the Deck Restore product is maintaining really well. It is covered with snow, but is looking really good. We used the provided deck stain on the vertical bars, and the actual deck product on the deck boards. This is our very first winter, and as you can imagine, the deck is really, really, really cold on the feet! And during the summer, Deck Restore stained-deck is really, really hot on the feet! Like we said in an earlier post, this product is excellent if you can look past the relatively thick nature of the Deck Restore product, which can make application a little bit challenging. If you have used this deck staining product, you can submit your own Deck Restore deck reviews or you can upload your own deck photos.

How to Conserve and Use Less Deck Restore Product

Conserving  Deck Restore Product?If you plan on using the Deck Restore product to stain your deck, here's what you need to know. As of today August 30, 2012, a container of Deck Restore costs $89.00 at the Home Depot. Given that the product is very different from conventional paint and stain because of its extreme thickness and viscosity, you may find yourself using a lot of product, which means you'll probably be emptying your pocket out as well. But you may be able to use "less" product if you follow this cost-saving tip.


What to Expect When You Open Your First Deck Restore Container

Deck Restore is Thick and Viscous!If you decide to go with the Deck Restore product to stain your deck, this may be a really good decision for you and your deck. If you have never seen or worked with this product before, chances are you have no doubt seen videos on Youtube. Well, here's what you can expect to see [with your own eyes] when you first crack open the big container of Restore product. Don't react like I did!


Two Words You Need to Know Before Using Deck Restore on Your Deck

Deck Restore InstructionsAs mentioned in theĀ disclaimer, we are not affiliated with the manufacturer of this product. I have seen my fair share of both negative and positive feedback for this product on a number of websites from different users. You cannot blame people for sharing their "experience" with a product. But you can blame them for not following directions (if you can prove it). First thing first: what is the single most important thing to do or know before usingĀ Deck RestoreTM? Two simple words! Read More.